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Why CCCFiber Should be your northern Michigan Internet service provider

Unrestricted Speed, Not Limited DataOur service philosophy prioritizes speed over data limitations. We believe in offering our clients the freedom to enjoy high-speed internet without the constraints of data caps. This approach ensures that you can stream, browse, and download as much as you desire, without worrying about exceeding data limits or encountering extra charges.
Unlimited StreamingEmbrace the joy of unlimited streaming with our internet services. Whether it’s movies, music, online gaming, or video calls, our no data cap policy means uninterrupted entertainment and connectivity. This feature is especially beneficial for households with multiple users and devices, ensuring everyone stays connected without compromising on speed or quality.
Simultaneous Neighborhood Connectivity Our advanced network infrastructure is designed to handle the demands of entire neighborhoods at once. We excel in providing consistent, high-quality internet to multiple households simultaneously. This capability is vital in maintaining a stable and fast connection for each home, even during peak usage times.
Community-Wide High-Speed AccessWe focus on creating a connected community experience. By networking entire neighborhoods, we ensure that each household has access to the same high-speed internet. This approach not only fosters a sense of community but also guarantees that no home is left behind in the digital age.
Efficient and Reliable Internet for AllOur goal is to deliver efficient and reliable internet services to every customer. With the capacity to network neighborhoods, we provide a dependable internet solution that caters to the needs of both individual households and the wider community.
Streamlining Connectivity for Residential AreasWe specialize in streamlining internet connectivity for residential areas. Our services are tailored to ensure that every home in the neighborhood enjoys seamless internet access, enhancing the overall quality of life and digital experience for our clients.
Elevating Digital Experiences Our commitment to providing high-speed internet without data caps plays a crucial role in elevating the digital experiences of our clients. From telecommuting and online education to entertainment and social connectivity, we ensure that your online activities are supported by robust and uninterrupted internet service.
Adapting to Modern Digital NeedsRecognizing the evolving digital needs of contemporary households, our services are designed to adapt and cater to these requirements. We understand the importance of staying connected in today’s world and strive to provide an internet service that not only meets but exceeds these modern demands.
Overall, our approach to internet service is centered around providing unrestricted, high-speed connectivity that caters to the needs of entire communities, ensuring that every household has the access they need to thrive in the digital era.

Numbers Speak More Than Words

Happy Users
Over 1,000 Satisfied Customers
We’re proud to have brought smiles to the faces of over 1,000 users with our high-quality, reliable internet services. Each happy customer is a testament to our commitment to excellence and community-focused approach.
KM Network
Expansive Network, 995+ Connections
Our network proudly spans over 995 kilometers, connecting communities with reliable and high-speed internet. Each kilometer represents our dedication to bridging digital divides and enhancing connectivity for all.
Custom Installations
500+ Custom Installations Across Northern Michigan
We take pride in having completed over 500 custom installations, enhancing the digital landscape of Northern Michigan. Each installation reflects our commitment to tailored connectivity solutions for every unique community we serve.

About us

Cherry Capital Communications, also known as Cherry Capital Connection, is a proud Northern Michigan-based company specializing in providing high-speed fiber internet as our primary offering. We cater mainly to residential and small business markets, leveraging our expertise in advanced connectivity solutions. Our approach is a hybrid one, combining the reliability of Fiber-to-the-Premises technology with the flexibility of Fixed-Point Wireless, ensuring comprehensive coverage and top-tier internet services.
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Our happy clients say about us

“CCC had their struggles and I was skeptical. We are part of the fiber network they installed and I have no complaints to report. The speeds have been fast and dependable with no interruptions.”

Dan Reiman
“Ever since we started using them our internet has been awesome!! Have found no problems working with them and looking forward to the new upgrades coming!!”

Sharon Schalow
“Lived in an area in Leelanau County where I didn’t have any options but satellite options. CCC set me up with a bounce signal that I’m’ so appreciative of. Had service for 5 months with outstanding service. Very happy and appreciative”

Leon Music Favorites
“I live out south of Cedar. No cable, no fiber available. We had super crummy DSL and Satellite for years… terrible. Usually just ended up using my cell phones hotspot… Had Cherry Capital installed a week ago and BOOM! Finally we have usable internet! We can now stream, after all of these years! This is a huge change. Wish we had done this sooner! In order for my location to get service it required updating of one of their towers which took a few weeks. Once they had that ready they called and we set up the installation! Installers were prompt and courteous. Everyone has been super helpful and responsive when I call, which is a huge difference from calling the average utility provider where you are either forced to talk to a machine or routed to another country. Highly recommend!”

A Byrnes
“Matthew helped me reconnect to my internet today and I thank him very much!”

Delorus Burton